Redall Industries was established in 1945. Over the years the Company has grown to a corporation serving all of North America.

Redall Industries, Inc. was also established in 1945 as the first physical manufacturing location for the company, undergoing a renovation in 2000. Currently the plant resides in Yale, Michigan occupying approximately 100,000 square feet of manufacturing, office, and warehouse space and sits on 9.13 acres.

The Company currently serves the Automotive and Appliance industries at about a 50/50 ratio. We have found that this product mix is very beneficial to the stability of the Company and the two industries complement each other by acting as a buffer during economic swings. As the Automotive industry goes, the Appliance industry acts inversely. We also serve other industries such as Telecommunications, Aerospace, and other various industries.

The Company is privately owned with Michael R. Powell as CEO and Jason Powell as President. Management philosophy calls for greater employee involvement through better training and an improved working environment. A strong reliance on customer satisfaction, and a total commitment to never ending improvement by building quality into the product through “Defect Prevention” rather than “Defect Detection”.

The primary products of the Company began with metal Roll Formed moldings and trims but since we have evolved and increased our core competencies and currently offer Large to Small Custom Stampings, Welded and Non-Welded Assemblies, Bending, Piercing, Buffing and management of outside processing to ensure our customers receive a complete part with added value.

Let us help you with your next project, as we want your customers as well as ours to have the best.